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"It was a truly difficult year to say the least! Many of us lost businesses, lost family, and friends due to Covid-19 and many other stressful situations that came about because of this deadly infection. In my case I lost my “ROCK” my dad to cancer! Someone even told me to “get over it” but offered no solution. So, I found the answer during a visit home to Jamaica where I spent the
best 3 days since before the pandemic with 2 of my closest friends. There, in the tranquility and peace of the Island that is my home, and with all I had to accomplish to settle my father’s estate while there, we found time to
Release, Heal, and begin the process of Re-Creating.

As natural hair stylists our clients release to us daily. We know their every stress, loss, and every triumph. We did what we do best. We nurtured, we calmed, we poured our love/being into our client's hair and soul. But who nurtures us? Who calms us? Who will pour into our hair, our scalps, our souls?

This year 2022/23 Let Us, The Natural Hair Industry Convention Help You to Release, Heal and Re-Create in Montego Bay, Jamaica with the help of some of the most phenomenal healers, counselors, financial experts, and spiritually connected individuals.
This retreat is not about Social Media Popularity, but about “Real Life”, “Real Healing”, from “Real Individuals” doing the “Real Work”. It is designed for the Stylist, Educator, Student, Client, Product Developer, and any and everyone who has delt with real Stress during these Stressful and difficult times of recovery."

Words of Susan Peterkin, 2022

The NHIC’s aim is to provide natural hairstylists, naturalistas,
product developers, and textured hair professionals with a
calming nurturing environment to connect and build together.

Attendees at the retreat enjoyed workshops, sessions, and events to recreate
with like minded individuals connected by the natural hair community.

Won't You Join Us?

Meet a few of Our Guest Speakers of 2022

We Have So Much More To Share! 

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Sandy Ogunfolu -aka- Bela Adero
"Minding" Your Own Business

Through a combination of a culturally competent interactive workshop,
self-analysis and technique application, attendees will be empowered to identify the problems preventing forward movement.


Sandra’s company Black Women Metaphysicians specializes in assisting individuals who are stuck and need a more creative way to move forward by removing the roadblocks that may be sabotaging your success.


Cassanie Mckenzie
Holistic Wellness Coach & Yoga Therapist
Intuitive Nutritional Coaching Workshop

The Intuitive Nutritional Coaching Workshop will consist of:

  • Grounding Exercise

  • Introduction to Mindful Eating

  • Discussion on Hair/Crown/Energetic Consumption

  • Life hacks for creating & maintaining a healthy lifestyle through Nutrition

  • Q & A


For more info on Cassanie Mckenzie, please visit Website:

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