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Susan Peterkin
CEO and Co-Founder

Meet Susan L. Peterkin. She is an award-winning Cosmetologist,
hair loss expert, and Master Pioneer in the Natural Hair Industry.
In 2014 Susan Co-founded the Natural Hair Industry Convention. She created The Natural Hair Industry Convention because there was a need to support all-Natural Hair Care and Braiding Professionals. Since a Cosmetology license is the requirement in most states, Susan grew weary of seeing Natural Hairstylists, Locticians, and Braiders disrespected and not accepted as “professionals” in an industry where they are leading and creating new pathways in the world of textured hair care. Susan felt more visibility and representation was needed for our textured hairstylist at hair shows and events; the same level of visibility that was given to traditional stylist.

With over 35 years of experience, Susan L. Peterkin is one of the resounding voices of influence for Stylist in the Natural Hair Industry. It is only fitting that she takes a deeper dive, with a more comprehensive focus on building up industry professionals.  Giving everyone exclusive access to building an ethical and inclusive business, with a firm foundation is her goal.

Susan created the first Textured Hair Care Program at a correctional facility, taught the Natural Hair Course at Montgomery College, and opened the first Dermatology Salon practice at PeterKindred Hair & Scalp Wellness Center in the state of Maryland. In her continued pursuit to raise and maintain industry standards, there is so much more coming down the Natural Hair Industry Pike from Susan L. Peterkin.

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